Little People

As parents to three girls – fairies and princess enriched our home for many magical (but too few) years, bringing enormous joy and we adore opening up our studio to incoming Annas, Elsas, Tinkerbells, Snow Whites – we even have the seven dwarfs ready and waiting – our skills in Photoshop and with green screens allow amazing magic to be created or added – just what every little fairy, princess, elf or batman need and deserve! We are acutely aware of how short and special this phase is so bring on the magic!
We have the wands and can make dreams come true!

"Thank you all at Liberty Studios for such a magical session. My little girl to me is a princess, but you gave her a day that she will remember forever. She got to be a real life princess and will have the photos to remember how magical and special it was. Fabulous experience"