Little People

However maternity bump shoots started with Demi, Britney or Cindy it definitely has started a trend and as mum to three who adored each bump I’m delighted to offer photographs that celebrate this very special exciting time. Women are now coming out to photograph at the most spectacular time in their lives when their bodies are at their most amazing, and they are making a miracle happen, as they grow and give birth to new life. Women are finding this an empowering experience as it focuses on how miraculous their bodies are.

We aim to create a relaxed and comfortable session which not only captures you at one of the most amazing times in your life, but also the love between you and the expectant dad to be, that made it happen. Please don’t worry about the common stretch marks if you wish we can leave these in the image or if you would like us to airbrush them off that is easy for us to do. Bring along your scan picture if you would like to include that in one of the images. We have some beautiful maternity photo shoot dresses and we can offer a one off image about 37 weeks or we can do a series of images each month from 3 months to holding baby in your arms, an amazing framed series to show your journey.

"I love the studio, and the video and photos, thank you so much